Lions Kindling project

Lions Kindling
Dry, easy to light, made from recycled pallets, packed in recycled wineboxes. 4 boxes for $30, $10 a box. Free delivery Rangiora. Money goes back to our local community. Phone 021 1180071 or email

Kindling season
Starts April, finishes end of August.

Our customers
We sell most of our kindling to local residents, who order by phone or email.
We supply a few retailers and restock them every fortnight at the height of the season.


There are 4 groups sorted by task:

1. Dismantlers
We cut up, pull apart and ‘de-nail’ recycled pallets into slats. Pallets are sourced from local businesses in the the Rangiora area. Not all pallets are accepted – no pallets made of plywood, covered in paint, rotten, processed with methyl-bromide, water-damaged or in other poor condition are accepted. Slats are stacked in the shed, ready for ripping.

2. Sawers
Slats are ‘ripped’ into 2.5cm-wide strips on benchsaws. This is a 2-person per benchsaw process and generates a fair amount of sawdust (which we either bag up or sweep onto the dirt floor of the shed.) Strips are then bundled and pushed through a smaller benchsaw into pieces around 25cms in length, the final kindling product. The cutting team are fairly determined and have good backs, get covered in sawdust and have a few laughs as well.
Sawing sessions are weekly on Fridays from 4-6pm at The Shed.

3. Packers
Kindling is plastic bagged for retailer sales and boxed for direct sales. Plastic bags are twist-tied with a product label added inside the bag. Boxes are taped closed. We aim for 90-100 pieces in each bag/box, approximately 5kg in weight. There is a group of dedicated packers who enjoy getting together for a cuppa and a chat while sorting out the kindling.
Packing sessions are fortnightly from 14/4 on Fridays from 2-4pm at The Shed.

4. Deliverers
We drop off to retailers and also restock an outdoor stand at Farmlands. Most deliveries are to customers in the area and we usually deliver Saturday mornings (to tie-in with Pig Manure deliveries.)

There are a couple of ways you can help:

1. Volunteer to help in a group – contact Simon (, 021 118 0071) if you’re interested – it’s a once-a-week (or fortnight) commitment of a couple of hours and we’d appreciate your support.

2. Collect wineboxes and banana boxes from supermarkets – and drop off at The Shed (or give to a member of the Kindling team.)

The Shed – 138 Main Road, Woodend (opposite St Barnabas Church)

Down the Woodend Vets / Cattery drive, straight ahead to the Shed.